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Advanced Arbitration

This course is for those students who took a Basic Arbitration Course and/or is a practitioner in the field. In this course, we extend expertise and examine an in-depth review of the ethical obligations of an arbitrator conducting multicultural and complex civil procedures. Participants receive an “Advanced Arbitrator” certificate and certification.

The focus of this one-day class is practical but will review in-depth procedures and advance participants’ ability to conduct complex civil and international arbitrations. We will take a close look at the overall proceedings, and the finer points of complex arbitrations, including a section on the laws of evidence from the perspective of the arbitrator. Examples of Reasoned Awards will be studied and provided to participants..

If you are interested in advancing your career and forging a specialism that is increasingly in demand, recession-proof, and transferrable across jurisdictions and industry sectors, you should consider learning more about advanced arbitration.

Arbitration centers around the world publish annual statistics on their caseload, and the numbers paint a clear picture: the demand for arbitration as a method of dispute resolution is growing globally.  Providing clients with an Advanced Arbitration certification shows a commitment to the field and the process and should enhance any resume.

Cost – $799.00

Bundle Rate – (Basic Arbitration and Advanced Arbitration) 0 $1400.00

8 CLE’s & 1.5 Ethics

Who Should Take These Classes?
Whether you are an experienced lawyer, counselor, teacher, or just looking for a new career, these classes will facilitate learning new and useful skills to resolve conflict, and to successfully conduct mediations/arbitrations.  You will acquire new methods to synthesize information to lead to positive outcomes.

  • Attorneys Counselors and Social Workers
  • Managers and supervisors
  • Executive directors and board members
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Facilitators, trainers and consultants
  • Anyone looking to start a new career or expand their current business

Mediation and Arbitration Training Courses Available:

  1. Basic Mediation Training
  2. Advanced Family Training
  3. Basic Arbitration Training
  4. Elder Care and Adult Mediation Training
  5. Child Protective Service Mediation Training
  6. Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity Training
  7. Domestic Violence Training

You will learn proven ways to be an effective mediator/arbitrator, leaving with powerful skills to help resolve the most difficult conflicts!