Jean EhrenbergJean Ehrenberg, PhD

Jean is a licensed psychologist who has helped individuals, families and couples in Central Texas solve problems for 25 years.   Raised in California, she has lived all over the United States and in Austin for almost 30 years. Jean has special expertise in working with families with children, including adult children and children with special needs.   Her work is focused on helping others understand what their concerns are, what their goals are, and how to reach those goals.    She has advanced training in conflict resolution and crisis de-escalation, designed to help people develop solutions and resolve concerns in situations like divorce, custody, and elder care.  Jean has worked with the full range of age groups and family and relationship constellations.


Certified Family Mediator
Certified Adult and Elder Mediator
Licensed Psychologist, Texas License No.  2-4734
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology No.  6656
Texas Health Service Provider
National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, Registrant No. 44831


Licensed Psychologist
     Private Practice
    June 1997 to the present
    Psychotherapy, consultation, evaluation, supervision
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology/Licensed Psychologist
    Eanes ISD, November 1997 to May 2003, 40 percent time
    Pflugerville Independent School District,  August 1995 to May 1997
    Lago Vista Independent School District,  August 1993 to 1995
                                 Child, adolescent, group and family counseling, parent and professional consultation,                                              crisis intervention, residential treatment reintegration, evaluation, supervision of                                                        graduate and practicum students
Pro-Bono Family Therapy
                                Austin Child Guidance Center
                                Fall, 1993
                                Jewish Family Service
                                Pro-bono family and child therapy, consultation
                                1993 to 1995
Internship and Certification
                                Child, family, group and juvenile justice multi-family counseling,
                                psychological evaluation, crisis consultation and intervention,
                                grief counseling, case management
 Executive Director
                                Westminster Child Care Center, Charlottesville, VA
                                1978 to 1980
                               Franklin School, Lexington, MA 1973 to 1974
                               Moss Landing School, Watsonville, CA, 1970 to 1972
                               Migrant Education Program, Summer 1970
                The University of Texas at Austin
                                1989 to 1991
                                    Post –graduate clinical training in individual and
                                    family therapy, psychological evaluation, school consultation
                  The University of Chicago
                                Ph.D., Psychology, 1989
                   Harvard University
                                Ed.M. June 1973
                  University of California at Santa Cruz
                                Elementary Teaching Credential, June 1971
                                B.A., American History, March 1970
                 Texas Association of Mediators
                American Psychological Association
                Texas Psychological Association